4/18/2006 Houston-- Newly named Cannes juror Zhang Ziyi, who has risen from a local Chinese actress to Hollywood star, says she wants to keep making Chinese movies -- as long as the scripts are high quality. Zhang, who made her name in Hollywood with films like "Rush Hour 2" and "Memoirs of a Geisha," said she may make a Chinese movie this year.

"I've been receiving a lot of scripts from directors recently in Beijing. Many are scripts written by young directors. I really look forward to the chance to work with them," she said, according to a Beijing news conference transcript posted Sunday on Chinese news Web site Sina.com. "I want to make good movies, movies with artistic value. This has nothing to do with my salary. If I wanted to make money, it's easier to make money in the U.S.," the transcript quoted Zhang as saying.

Zhang Ziyi is due to appear in the upcoming Chinese ancient court drama "The Banquet," directed by Chinese director Feng Xiaogang. Friday's news conference was to promote Zhang's new film, whose Chinese title translates into "Jasmine Flowers Blossom" in English. The movie, an adaptation of a book by Su Tong, also stars Joan Chen from "The Last Emperor," Cannes winner Jiang Wen and Liu Ye from "The Promise." The film was completed three years ago but is only now being released. At the conference, Zhang and a movie executive were vague about reasons for the delay.

Zhang called the film "a very meaningful piece of work" for her. The actress, who will head to Cannes on May 16, said the jury position will pose a challenge. "This is a totally new duty," she said. "For me, it's also very all-rounded training." This year's jury is headed by famed Hong Kong art-house director Wong Kar-wai, who worked with Zhang on the film "2046." The 59th Cannes Film Festival is scheduled for May 17-28.

(Source: chinapost.com.tw)