3/18/2006 Houston-- Jessica Buckley, 23, was squished inside the trunk of her car as she tried to get Houston police from her cell phone. After dialing 911, she spoke in a whisper to police not letting her abductor overhear what she was saying.

"He demanded to know what I was doing. He asked, are you praying?" Buckley said, "and I quickly replied yes." Luckily this seemed to appease him. Today, she feels lucky to be able to recount how she said she was kidnapped about 1 a.m. Thursday after leaving the Proletariat Club at 903 Richmond.

As she walked to her car, she said her abductor pulled a butcher knife from his pocket and ran up behind her. He pushed her against the side of her car and forced her to turn over her purse and keys. Then he shut her inside the trunk and drove for about 45 minutes as she reached out to help with her cell phone, police said. She said that while she was in the trunk she told him he could have her car if he would let her go, but he just kept on driving.

"He said be quiet and you won't get hurt or raped," She said. Buckley said her abductor finally pulled to the curb and stopped. He told her he was leaving and would send someone back for her in 15 minutes. She did not know if he was really gone or just waiting outside. As she continued to talk quietly to authorities on the cell phone, they asked if she heard any helicopters that were searching for her car. She said she could hear them and then they were flying right on top of her car.

When she yelled out to see if her abductor was still there, there was no response. Authorities then instructed her over the cell phone how to pop open the trunk using the emergency release. She then jumped out and ran to the middle of the street, a few blocks away from where she was abducted.

Authorities found plenty of evidence including what appeared to be the abductor's blood, who may accidentally have cut himself. Buckley describes her captor as a slim male in his 20s, with a shaved head and goatee. He was wearing jeans or black pants and a dirty white T-shirt.

(Contributed by Cindy Horswell)