Houston Community News >> Wedding in Chinese Coal Mine

12/4/2006 BEIJING - A Chinese coal mine has made the news for a reason other than the grim series of accidents nationwide -it is claiming a world record for the the highest number of simultaneous weddings held underground.

The Datong Coal Group in Shanxi province held weddings for 10 miners on Saturday 300 metres (1,000 ft) down the pitshaft, the People's Daily said on Monday.

"The weddings were unprecedented nationwide, even worldwide," mine manager Liu Suisheng told the newspaper. "We're going to apply to Guinness World Records."

China has the world's deadliest coal mining industry with fatal accidents occurring almost daily as safety regulations are ignored and production is pushed beyond safe limits in the rush for profit.

The weddings aim to "lessen the depressing impression" of the mining industry, Liu told the newspaper.

"Marrying the man I love in his workplace is really meaningful to me," one of the brides, 22, was quoted as saying.

"I had been considering a unique wedding, but never thought of down a mineshaft."

(Contributed by Chinadaily)