Houston Community News >> Vietnamese People Rank First in Tech Spending

7/12/2007 HANOI (Xinhua) -- Vietnamese people are top of the list when it comes to buying new technology after covering essential living expenses, according to the 1st Half 2007 Nielsen Global On-line Consumer Survey.

The survey, conducted from April 16 to May 1, interviewed 26,486 Internet users in 47 countries. It shows that 47 percent of Vietnamese buy new technology, followed by Greek at 45 percent, Russian at 44 percent, and Chinese at 42 percent, local newspaper Vietnam News reported Thursday.

Vietnam ranks the second after Russia in terms of purchasing new clothes, the third after Russia and Brazil in spending on out-of-home entertainment, and the ninth in buying shares and mutual funds.

Vietnam ranks the fifth in terms of overall consumer confidence with 118 points, two points more than last year, and well above the global average of 97 points.

It showed how confident Vietnamese people were of their economy, said Sarah Duchazeaubeneix, manager of Nielsen Vietnam's Retail Measurement Service.

Headquartered in the United States and the Netherlands, Nielson is the world's leading provider of marketing information, audience measurement, and business media products and services.

(Contributed by Xinghua)