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8/23/2009 San Dimas, CA - Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan with strong winds and heavy downpours on August 7. Toppled buildings, landslide burying villages, overflowing rivers and flooded streets are among the ravages it has made to many areas. Thousands of people have been displaced.

More than 17,000 Tzu Chi volunteers around
Taiwan immediately started relief efforts. More than 20,000 hot meals have already been delivered. Emergency relief money of NT$5,000-10,000 per household is scheduled to be distributed to 12,000 families in the hardest hit areas. Tzu Chi volunteers have distributed relief materials, including 25 tons of instant rice, 2,000 boxes of instant noodles, 34,000 eco-friendly blankets and utensils and other daily necessities.

Global warming and change of weather pattern are causes for frequent draught, flooding, storms and wildfires in recent years. Master Cheng Yen calls for everyone to be prudent and pious, to pray with utmost sincerity, to care for all living beings with actions and to protection the environment with genuine love. If everyone can do so, the Earth will be preserved, kindness will be in people’s mind and the world will be blessed.

Tzu Chi offices in the USA are launching a fundraising drive today for Typhoon Morakot victims. For the following two weekends, Tzu Chi volunteers will solicit donations on the streets and in shopping centers. Many agencies and businesses have already contacted us for donation information. The entire staff of Cathy Bank has committed one million NT dollars of donation to Tzu Chi’s charity fund. We earnestly urge every one to show our love and contribute whatever we can for the disaster victims.

To donate:
Online: www.us.tzuchi.org
Please make your check payable to Tzu Chi and mail to
   Tzu Chi Foundation
   200 Corporate Dr.,
   Houston, TX 77036 Phone: 713-270-9988
Credit card donation is accepted by calling 1-888-989-8244 (1-888-9TZUCHI) (9 AM - 6 PM Daily).

For more information, please call (909) 447-7799 or visit www.us.tzuchi.org