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5/27/2008 Houston, TX--

Dear Houston Community Members,

Thank you for your generous donation to our street and on-site fundraisers to help those who suffer and struggle in the massive Sichuan 8.0 earthquake. The outpouring of your hearts is equally massive.

Every penny you donated goes directly to the victims and disaster operations. Tzu Chi volunteers and paid staff such as doctors and nurses of Tzu Chi General Hospitals in Taiwan pay their own airfares, transportations and accommodations.

Tzu Chi volunteers are now in the quake-stricken China and cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, distributing essentials, cooking hot meals, setting up free clinics, and comforting heart-broken souls. Assessment teams are evaluating the short-term and long-term needs for recovery. To learn more up-to-date Tzu Chi’s efforts in both Sichuan and Myanmar, please watch DaAi TV or go to www.daai.tv . Our US headquarters web site www.us.tzuchi.org  also provides timely information.

“Disasters of the world are the consequences of endless desire, greed and hatred among people, intertwining and accumulating over infinite time. From global food crisis to the frequent natural disasters in recent years, we are all witnessing an earth in harm and serious stress” said Master Cheng Yen. Recycling is one of the ways we can quickly act with minimum effort to help decelerate the man-made harm afflicted to our mother earth. Houston Tzu Chi would like to invite you to join our recycle efforts. Please see the attached bilingual flyer. Act now, reduce our desire, save our earth and give our offspring and ourselves a clean and sustainable environment.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for your great hearts and contribution. If you would like to continue to donate for Sichuan earthquake, we have following options for your convenience:

* Please make your check payable to Tzu Chi and mail to or drop by Tzu Chi Foundation, 6200 Corporate Dr., Houston, TX 77036. memo: Sichuan Earthquake

*  Credit card donation is accepted by calling 1-888-9TZUCHI (1-888-989-8244).

* A designated Sichuan Relief account has been set up at Cathay Bank. Please wire transfer your donation to Cathay Bank (ABA 122203950) located at 777 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Our account is Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation USA, located at 1100 S. Valley Center Avenue, San Dimas, CA 91773, and the account number is 01-130005.

* Online donation: www.us.tzuchi.org.