Houston Community News >> Different travel taste of Beijingers and Shanghainese

3/25/2007 Chinanews, Shanghai - With the rapid economic development of China, more and more Chinese can afford traveling abroad. However, people from different places of China usually choose different travel destinations, too.

Beijingers are said to be more "sentimental", as they stress appreciating local culture and gaining experience more than other things when traveling. Thus their favorite travel destinations are historical landmarks.

Shanghainese are much more "practical" than Beijingers, thus expenses are one of the primary factors for them to pick a travel destination. Further more, many Shanghainese like to sign up for package tours by the family to other countries for shopping.

No matter how different their tastes are in selecting travel destinations, today's Chinese as a whole enjoy their journey much more thoroughly than in the past. That is to say, travel has become one of their major entertainments, which apparently is good news.

(Contributed by Chinanews.cn)