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Chinese New Year: Year of the Tiger

If you want to be celebrating the Chinese New Year (which in 2010 is the year of the tiger) in a traditional manner there are a few things you should consider. Hold on to your hats because this one might be a bumpy ride.

First and foremost...firecrackers and loud noises! I know, many states have outlawed fireworks so you might just have to go to your closest Chinatown, but you need all that racket to scare away the angry ghosts left over from last years.

On the night before the New Year begins sweep away all the dirt and dust. That also is the crap and badness that accumulated the previous year. If you can, decorate your house with fresh flowers, particularly the luck and fortunate colors of red and gold. These bring good luck and fortune to the house.

Many people go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant but if you can't do that just cook up your own meal with symbolic ingredients. For instance oysters represent good fortune and success. As well fresh fish represents a huge surplus and lettuce means money and prosperity. You can also make pot stickers or steamed dumplings called jiaozi which look a little like a tael of gold. The recipe is simple and easy to make.

Adults often give unmarried children the little Hun Bao, which are small red envelopes stuffed with money. Children will also play Rock, Paper, and Scissors while celebrating Chinese New Year as well.

So you see celebrating Chinese New Year  in the year of the tiger can be fun for the whole family.

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