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Thanksgiving in Asian Countries

Thanksgiving in India

Thanksgiving Day in India is celebrated in quite a few parts of India, because of the spread of western culture. It is a major festivity observed by Christians primarily in the state of Goa, which is India's smallest state in terms of area and the second smallest in terms of population. It is known for its fabled tropical beaches and world heritage architecture. The celebration date varies in different parts of Goa, but generally is celebrated on the 15th of August every year where it is popularly known as 'Ladin' or Ladainha'. 'Ladin' literally means a litany to the Virging Mary. During the Thanksgiving ritual, people thank God for all the material and spiritual benefits they have. The function is sponsored by a different person every year that either has been lucky enough to have God's special grace or seeks benefits.

Christians start preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations by purchasing wheat and gram, candles, wine and colored tinsel paper. A temporary platform/altar is constructed which is decorated with flowers, vines and creepers. Celebrations also include singing of hymns and prayers. The village local violinist/choirmaster conducts the entire show of singing of litany. It conveys the universal feeling of being thankful to Lord Almighty for his continuous grace. Another celebration associated with the feeling of Thanksgiving, is the popular religious feast of conception of Mother Mary. It is a time for farmers to cut the first harvest of milk-filed corn from the rice field and offer it to God. This is done to seek God's blessing for a good harvest in the coming season.

Thanksgiving in Pakistan

Pakistan spends 3 days for their celebration, which is done on the 10th month of the Muslim calendar. People dress in new clothes and go to the mosque to attend SALATAUL EID (EID prayers). The younger family members pay respect and visit homes of elder relatives. Children look forward to EID because it is customary to receive EID in form of gifts in cash. The greeting is EID MUBARA, which means Blessed EID. All Muslims are expected to extend to the needy. It marks the end to Ramadan.

Thanksgiving in Korea

Korean thanksgiving is called Chusok, which is a 3-day harvest celebration. It is the biggest migration event in modern Korea. More than one half of the population visits families and ancestral graves. Men don't do any of the cooking and women spend many days and weeks preparing food for the celebration for the harvest celebration, which takes place at the eldest son's home and is based on the paternal lineage. It falls between September and October, or August 15 on the lunar calendar. The eat rice, pears, juju beans, chestnuts; sesame seeds and use pine bark needles.

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