4/3/2006 HOUSTON -- A survey conducted last year by Pew Internet & American Life Project shows: 87% of U.S. teens age 12 to 17 use the Internet. Of that group, 51 percent say they go online daily. 87% of teen Internet users play games online, and 76 percent get news online. The survey also found that some 84 percent of teens owned at least one personal media device (cell phone, PDA, desktop or laptop) and 44 percent said they have two or more of these devices.

One example of the teen internet phenomena is myspace.com. Here teens and students can meet, chat, and get to know their classmates or friends online. Or other popular destinations like  xanga.com or friendster.com. All of these are popular medium for teens to chat online with their peers. It is also a popular way to express themselves with the design and customization of their profile pages.