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1/26/2009 BELLAIRE, TX— On Saturday, Feb. 14, two rose experts will share their knowledge of the traditional gift on St. Valentine’s Day: lovely, fragrant, popular, romantic roses. A complementary Chocolates & Roses Seminar at Teas Nursery, 4400 Bellaire Blvd., will begin at 10AM. Samples of the other traditional Valentine gift, chocolates, will be from RainDrop Chocolate Company, 810 Waugh Drive.

John Teas, known in the horticulture community as “Mr. Roses” because of the hundreds of rose bushes available at Teas Nursery, is honoree at this year’s Rose Seminar. Weather permitting, as part of the seminar, he will give a tour of rose bushes in the Teas gardens…from the romantic sounding April in Paris, Falling in Love, Angel Face and the new American Rose Society winner Pink Promise to the popular roses Chrysler Imperial, Julio Iglesias and Laura Bush. New selections include the All-American Rose Society winners for 2009 New Sunny KnockOut and the Katrina-survivor rose Peggy Martin. “Stop and smell the roses at www.teasnursery.com  where a complete price list is available,” said Teas.

Popular Master Rosarian Baxter Williams will speak on “Rose Fertilizers & Sprays: Are they needed? Why?” Williams is a past three-times president of the Houston Rose Society and a frequent horticulture judge and guest on radio and TV gardening shows. The personal garden of Williams and his wife Patsy (also a Master Rosarian) includes more than 600 rose bushes and has been on the Houston Rose Society Spring Garden Tour for 20 years.

Williams says roses are known for sending messages through their hue from red roses that proclaim “I love you” to pale pink roses that connote grace, gentleness and gratitude.
Don Burke, founder of RainDrop Chocolate Company (www.raindropchocolate.com), will share samples of his velvety chocolates and invite seminar attendees to visit his cheery River Oaks shop where they can watch the staff prepare each candy by hand.

Paul Downs, coordinator of the Teas seminar, says reservations are not required this year but “seating is limited so be sure to be there for a 10 AM start to the Chocolates & Roses Seminar on Feb. 14.” While supplies last, attendees will receive sample chocolates and a free copy of Teas Rose Selection Guide for 2009.