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3/13/2008-- Cyndi Wang (born on September 5, 1982 in Hsinchu, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese pop singer and actress.

To date she has released six albums, together with her best compilation album known as "Best Album" back in year 2005.

Her debut album "Begin…" released in 2003 did pretty well, but was criticized for imitating on popular singer Jolin Tsai.

Those critics did not hurt though, boosting fame with TV series "Westside Story", she released her second album "Cyndi Loves You" in 2004, which also achieved good results. The album's leading track "Love You" features SWEET and 5566. Sentimental tune "See You Tomorrow" offers a taste of the sorrow of love. She also starred in popular TV drama "La Robe de Mariee des Cieux" in 2004. The combination of success made her the hottest rising star in Taiwan.

After her best selling "Cyndi Loves You" extravaganza, the Mandarin pop princess returned with her ear-pleasing treat "Honey", her third album, in 2005, as if dropping another musical bomb! Presented in her usual beloved sweet romantic style la "Loves You", her musical surprise promised to leave you longing for more. She was already one of the most popular stars in Taiwan by then, and gaining reputation across Chinese mainland and other parts of Asia as well.

She released her fourth album "Cyndi with U" in 2005.

2006 was another good year for her, thanks to TV drama "Smiling Pasta", co-starring Nicholas Teo. It was one of the top-rated dramas in Taiwan for 2006, and was popular in other Asian countries as well. But the ever-adorable queen of sweetness had been away from the Taiwanese music scene for a while. The young singer finally released her fifth album "Magic Cyndi" in 2007. The title expresses her desire to magically make the bad things in life disappear, leaving only happiness. All rested up, she delivered her trademark cute and catchy pop tracks in this album, including the cheery, up-tempo first plug "Love's Tian Ling Ling". The song is inspired by her conversations with her single girlfriends and co-workers, who often discuss what the best way to find love is. The phrase "Tian Ling Ling" came from a chant that calls to heaven and earth for luck, and the song's lyrics refer to different traditional methods to foretell romance (like divination sticks). The song's melody is a refreshing fusion of musical styles, mixing traditional Asian instruments like erhu, bamboo flute and sitar with disco and hip hop beats and her sweet voice. The album also features a song written by the singer herself, surely a sign that her magic and talent would only continue to grow. The album sold like hotcakes all over Asia.

She is back for more with "Red Cyndi" (March 2008), her latest release that counts down all her biggest hits. It starts from "Cinderella's Tears", which dates back to her debut album (2003), all the way to "That's What Love Is All About" from her "Fly Cyndi" (2007). Also featuring her latest three songs: "Because It's You", "Water Fairy", and "Hihi Byebye", the album is easily her best compilation to date.

Her first concert, "Wonderland Live Concert!" shows off her elegance and vocal capacity. Dressed in eye-catching outfits, she gave her songs – including smash hits "Cinderella's Tears" and "Beauty" a new live arrangement. She surprised her music fans with her whirlwind dances and her stunning performance of Faye Wong's golden tune, "You're Happy So I'm Happy".

She has had previous contracts under the companies: Jungiery Star Pte Ltd, D Music, Sony Music and Avex Trax. Her debut was at an Avex Trax competition in 2003. She also went to Avex Trax's music studio in Japan to learn dancing and singing for three months.

Although her voice is not powerful, I think it is nice because when you listen to it, it sounds like that an angel is singing. Every time I hear her sing, it makes me wanna dance. I truly believe that she is the queen of sweetness because few could look and act as sweet as she does. However, she always seems to be trying to look cute.

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