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2/15/2008 Taipei - As Chinese Valentine's Day approaches next week a survey released on Saturday said that most young lovers in Taiwan would like to celebrate the day by making love.

In an online poll, the Broadcasting Corporation of China (BCC) asked young people what they most wanted to do on Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on August 11 this year.

The poll gave four choices: a romantic dinner, a walk, making love, or all three.

Among the 504 respondents, seven percent wanted a romantic dinner with their lovers, 15 percent opted for a walk, 44 percent wanted to make love and 33 percent wanted to do all three.

Combining the 44 percent and 33 percent who chose the making love option means that 77 percent of young lovers want to get amorous on
Chinese Valentine's Day.

In Taiwan, young people celebrate both Western Valentine's Day on February 14 and Chinese Valentines Day by giving gifts or flowers to lovers and spending the evening together.

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