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Taiwan Pig's Blood Cake


Ti-hoeh-koe, Pig’s blood cake, is made of pork blood and sticky rice.

Not only being one of common food materials in the Taiwanese hot pot, but the most popular way are - steamed for a snack.

Taking it out of wooded case, street vendors would cover Pig's blood cake with
a layer of peanut powder and spread some cilantro.

The aroma of the chewy rice cake makes everyone's mouth water. Then, customers can dip it in different chili sauce.

"The aroma of the chewy rice cake makes everyone's mouth water."Although
people can easily find Pig's blood cake stalls in Taiwan, the must-go
one is in the Gongguan Market, Taipei. Its name is Shao-li Pig's blood

You would not miss it, because there has been a long queue of buyers waiting in front of the stall.

A regular customer, Carol Chang gives visitors a warning: "You'd better
go there before six o'clock, or they would be completely sold out after