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Famous Sites in Taiwan

Taiwan, or officially The Republic of Taiwan, is in addition recognized historically as Formosa, from your Portuguese words "Ilha Formosa" - Pleasurable Tropical isle, the very first words that said to have come out on the otherwise speechless Portuguese navigators upon laying their thinking about sights within the isle. And appropriately so, for the name stuck for centuries to come and until now, quite a few sentimental souls still insist on addressing this gorgeous tropical isle as Formosa.

Having a acreage of 35,980 sq. km., geographical eccentricities awash the terrain of this sweet potato-shaped isle gem. Through the lush and flourishing verdant mountains of Wulai, the scenic ruggedness of Taroko Gorge, the dramatic basalt cliffs of Penghu, for the Taian Hot Springs, Taiwan is fast gaining a reputation as one of the most diverse nature travelling destinations in Asia.

The Taiwanese culture can be a sweet brew of Asian mainland and archipelagic ethnic mores and traditions, being at a strategic economic and cultural crossroads between the two. It contains the Chinese culture at its core, attributable to the Taiwanese ethnical origins from the Chinese mainland, with a nourishing spicing of Japanese, Malayan Austronesian and Western cultural influences.

It has been seen that the surging economic increase of Taiwan for the last thirty years or so is nothing else short of a miracle, and indeed it truly is amicably dubbed as "The Taiwan Miracle", an enduring testament with the Taiwanese patriotic resilience and tenacity. But seeing them up close, the Taiwanese people are affable, warm and cheerful. As a matter of fact, they're a few of the nicest persons internationally. They're so packed with renqing wei, translated roughly as "personal affection," that a first-time visitor would never really feel any bit someone unfamiliar upon arrival, during his stay and definitely upon leaving this beautiful isle state.

So feel at liberty to see Taiwan, and be among the sentimental ones who can't resist calling this island Formosa - The Gorgeous Island.

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