Houston Community News >> Taiwan Celebrate Double Ten Anniversary

10/10/2007-- The Chinese people led by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen succeeded in bringing to a close the Ching Dynasty on October 10, 1911. This historic event has been celebrated by Chinese around the world as the "Double Ten."

With a population of about 23 million, Taiwan is one of the world’s largest economies and exporters, and one of the highest in foreign exchange reserves. Taiwan’s experience in public health and agricultural and fisheries development is also a valuable resource for many countries.

The Philippines maintains a cordial relationship with Taiwan in the fields of trade, investment, tourism, and labor. Its economy has shown us an example of successful development, and its successful land reform program has been adopted by many countries, including the Philippines.

From January to October 2006, Taiwan was the sixth largest trading partner of the Philippines. Bilateral trade between the Philippines and Taiwan amounted to US.29 billion in 2006. Philippine manufactured exports accounted for 9.23 percent of the total export trade. Manufactured exports include electronics, garments, textile yarns/fabrics, wood manufactures, furniture, and processed food. A small percentage represented the contribution of agri-based non-manufactures like fresh foods and marine products. Philippine major imports from Taiwan consisted of semi-conductor devices, materials and accessories for the manufacture of semi-conductor devices, gas oil, dies for the manufacture of semi-conductor devices, and diesel oil.

We congratulate the government and people of Taiwan headed by its President Chen Shui-bian and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office headed by its Representative, Dr. Wu Hsin-hsing, on the occasion of their 96th "Double Ten" Anniversary.

(Contributed by Manila Bulletin Online)