Houston Community News >> New Website Features Taiwan Culture

12/4/2007 TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Culture.tw, a brand new website portal offering Taiwan culture, has come into being. All English-speaking people are invited to visit and enjoy the uniquely rich and colorful culture of Taiwan.

Culture.tw promotes the wonderful art and colorful culture of Taiwan. It is funded by the Council of Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, of Taiwan. Through this portal, users can discover the diversity of Taiwan culture and Taiwan’s lively cultural environment and creativity.

This new website intends to be Taiwan’s main cultural window on the web. It introduces Taiwan’s many cultural stakeholders, artists, musicians, sculptors, dancers, communities of people, museums and many other facets of Taiwan culture using the international language of English and the 21st century media of the World Wide Web.

It aims to bring English speakers all over the world in direct day-to-day contact with the pulse of the living culture of Taiwan.