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10/29/2007-- The Taipei City Government held yesterday the preliminary round of a beef noodle cooking contest with 44 teams participating.

The teams presented beef noodles cooked in different styles ranging from the traditional stewing with soy sauce to clear simmering, as well as innovative broiling methods.

Some added Chinese herb medicines and exotic condiments from abroad to their recipes.

The culinary skill contest was one of the warm-up events leading to the climax of the 2007 Taipei Beef Noodle Carnival set for Nov. 3-4 at the Xinyi Citizens Assembly Hall opposite the Exhibition Hall of the Taipei World Trade Center.

First round winners were selected among the participants, aged from 16 to 88, for the finals to be held on Nov. 4.

Chefs from abroad will also take part in the beef noodle festival while some experts will share their recipes.

Beef noodle, originally a traditional food in northern China, which grows mainly wheat as opposed to rice in southern China, enriches the culinary assortment of dishes in Taiwan.

The extreme popularity of beef noodle has also turned Taiwan into one of thee world's leading importers of beef, mainly from the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

(Contributed by China Post)