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9/24/2009 Austin, TX-- Hello, my name is Hannah Lee, and I am a research assistant to Dr. Eun-Ok Im at the University of Texas at Austin. Our internet survey is related to women's health studying how different ethnic groups and socioeconomic classes view physical activity. We are especially in need of participation from Asian Americans and low-income Asian-Americans.

Dr. Eun-Ok Im s work involves conducting an Internet study on the attitudes toward physical activity among diverse ethnic groups of middle-aged women (40-60 Y/O). All women will benefit from participating in this study and with more participation we will be able to make our data more complete. Please click on the following link to begin the process. http://mapa.nur.utexas.edu

In this study, each participant will be reimbursed with a gift certificate of 10 dollars per Internet survey and an additional gift certificate of 50 dollars per online forum discussion (6 months).