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This Mitsubishi is an Automatic 2.0/16 valve w/dual overhead cam, Rally Sport. I have restored this car and it is almost like new. The interior is in great condition. The AC is awesome as well as the heater. It is fast and it is great for city or long-distance driving. The tags are good for another full year. It comes with snow chains, a Haynes repair manual, custom anti-theft locking alloy rims, two serpentine belts, CD player, spare tire and jack, and a front-window, snow blocking visor.

Less than 1,000 miles ago the head was rebuilt: ground valves, lifters, resurfaced and pressure tested cylinder heads, new timing belt adjuster, cylinder head bolts, head gasket etc... The engine was rebuilt 20K mi ago. It had the block bored out .2, new pistons, rod bearings, gasket set, custom crank grind, head bolts, PCV valve, 2 serpentine belts, fly wheel bolts, valve guides, flex plate, new oil pump, main bearings, and custom cylinder head. I have documents for everything that has been done to it.

It has had oil changes often always before the oil turned dark, which has been before every 3K miles. I have taken good care of it. I am the 2nd owner of it. It gets about 35-40 mpg on the freeway and 25-30in the city.

Recently it has had resurfaced brakes, balanced tires & wheels
Idle Air Control Valve
Camshaft sensor
New water pump
All 4 new struts
New timing belt
Rear main seal, crank seal, camshaft seal
Transmission seals
New tires w/more than 50,000 left on the tread
New intake gaskets
New cooling temperature sensor
New thermostat
New Titanium/Silver paint job,
Legal tint all around
New injectors
Brake and cooling system flushes
New spark plugs and wires
LED lights.

Contact Benjamin Risha at if interested.

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