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Qin Dynasty Restaurant

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The Scene:

Trendy and radiant restaurant designed to perfection, Qin Dynasty should win an award for best decor. The interior is authentic and filled with towering ceilings, detailed crown molding, majestic mahogany windows with rich tapestry drapes and an exotic collection of Asian artifacts.  A grand piano by the front door completes this beautifully orchestrated design interior. The restaurant is clean and spacious; A perfect environment to take a date or loved one.


The Food:

Qin Dynasty's great service and Hunan cuisine measures up to the impressive decor. Soulful sauces are made with premium ingredients and devoid of sugar and oily goop. Begin with deftly prepared hot and sour soup or distinctive steamed dumplings bathing in a pool of aromatic Szechuan sauce. Segue into the red-hot shredded pork and bamboo sprout entree or the tamer, tender kung pao chicken, abundant with cashews. The yu shiang shrimp with just-picked snow peas, asparagus tips, pungent ginger and fresh jalapeños teeters on the edge of perfection.


Heads Up:

The art of Chinese cooking has been developed and refined over many dynasties. However cooking could not be considered an art until the great classical age of China 122-249 B.C., roughly the period of Qin Dynasty. The two dominant philosophies of this period were Confucianism and Taoism. Each influenced the course of Chinese culture and the development of the culinary arts. Confucianism concerned itself with the art of cooking and placed great emphasis on the enjoyment of life. Confucius taught that good cooking depends on the harmonious blend of ingredients rather than the taste of the individual elements. Confucianism also stressed the use of color and texture in the presentation of dishes. Taoism was responsible for the development of the hygienic aspects of foods and cooking. In contrast to confusianists, Taoists were concerned with the live-giving attributes of various foods. Under Tao's influence, the Chinese have explored the world of plants, roots, herbs, fungus, and seeds over the dynasties. They discovered many beneficial food ingredients that are incorporated into the everyday Chinese cooking.

At Qin Dynasty, "we combined these philosophies and apply them to our cooking. We emphasize "flavor, aroma, and taste". We also stress the healthful aspect of our dishes."


Customer Reviews:

-Review by Margy M.

The food pretty good. The staff ask way to many personal questions. They are very inquisitive about personal matters. Are you married? That's none of your business. Stop asking questions. Front hostess staff. very inquisitive about personal matters. They ask to many questions. its none of their business.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0

-Review by Donald S.

One of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to in the United States. The finest food and best service. The prices may seem high in comparison to other Chinese places, but the food and decor are at the highest level. I have eaten there since 2008 and the food never varies. Always excellent!!

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0


-Review by Gary M.

They need to get rid of the two crappy tables. They know which two. People pay the same price for a comfortable chair and a table cloth on the table as those crappy tables and chairs. Service was terrible when i was sat there on 2-24-09 because the waitress was working stations in the front as well.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 1.0


-Review by Jennifer M.

This is the ONLY Chinese food that we eat in Houston. We order it probably about 2 times a week- maybe more. This is the the most authentic and fresh Chinese food we have found, and we have tried A LOT of places! The staff is SO kind, and the price is fair, as well. We LOVE Qin Dynasty!!!!!

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0


-Review by Cynthia C.

The first time I went was w/ a co-worker. I loved it. I now work at a different location and am recommending this to my new colleagues. The food is exquisite and the service time is outstanding. The Restaurant is clean and the staff is excellent. I think they are doing a marvelous job. I emailed my order in today for the first time/ this service is even wonderful. The restaurant has it together for sure.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0


-Review by Chelsea L.

The restaurant was absolutely fantastic! I ordered General Tso's Chicken , it was a huge portion and delicious. The lunch menu was awesome and reasonably price. The wait staff is impeccable as well. We drive all the way from Lake Jackson to eat there! Best Chinese food I've ever had.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0


-Review by Charles B.

My wife and I have been loyal customers since our first visit nearly 5 years ago. The food and service is always excellent. The food is always hot, fresh and well prepared. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a high quality, reasonably priced place to dine.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0

-Review by John R.

I wanted to splurge (dishes are pricey) so I ordered from Qin Dynasty for the tasty Buddha's Eggplant dish and a chicken dish and an appetizer. Well, when ordering over the phone I had the clueless girl repeat the order and she had it wrong. I corrected her and she was irked I had corrected her. I pick up the $23 order and get home. Open things up and it was the wrong dish. I called back and the girl wanted to argue with me. And not fix the issue. I mentioned I had corrected her on the repeat but the girl did not listen. She did not know what to do. After being on hold for a few minutes I got her to make the correct dish. I was there in 10 minutes to return the wrong dish and to pick up the correct one. No apologies when I picked it up. I get home and the original part of the order is cold already and soggy. I dig in on the eggplants and they are all undercooked. I cannot bite through them. I call the manager who wanted to do nothing about this issue. He finally says I will give you 50% off the next visit. I said, next visit how about fixing this visit? I told him how about I bring this back and you give me a full refund. He paused, I said I am on my way. I get there and they have my cash right there and I ask to speak with Jonathan, the manager, he quickly turns away when he sees me. No apologies. Wasted an hour, got no food. Never again.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0

-Review by L. Sheffer

This restaurant is probably one the best in Houston. Finally, impeccable guest service, clean flatware, clean linens, and amazing food! I would drive one thousand miles for the sesame chicken, and pay one million for the experience.

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0

-Review by J. Oliver

The best freshest Chinese food in town. Always consistently excellent!

Best of Chinatown Rating: 5.0

-Review by J. Harper

My husband & I had lunch there a few weeks ago. It was a most pleasant experience. Very clean, courteous service, wonderful ambience. The food was prepared & served at the correct temperature in a timely manner. We definitely recommend the "cherry pie" for dessert. We look forward to taking friends from out of town there. Bravo!

Best of Chinatown Rating: 2.0






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Qin Dynasty

5115 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 77005
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Qin Dynasty Website
Tele: 713-660-8386
Hours of Operations:

Sun-Thur: 11-10pm

Fri-Sat: 11-11pm

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Free Delivery

$15 minimum, limited area.

Payments Accepted

Cash, Credit Card


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