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9/19/2011 Editorial -- Being a long time Netflix user, I've always enjoyed the convenience Netflix brought. From being able to watch movies anytime and basically anywhere (ie, iPhone, PS3, iPad, computer, Internet enabled TV's, etc). And if I can't find a movie in their streaming section, I can fill that void via DVD/Blue-Ray. It was a great experience.

Unfortunately, this is where the experience stops and has recently took a plunge. With corporate greed comes the most heinous crime of all. Netflix decided it was time to rip consumers off and up the price of DVD/Streaming package 60%. Some might say it is still pretty cheap. I might agree to a certain point but the issue at hand is the raising of prices by such a huge percentage.

What if McDonalds raised their price of a Big Mac 60% from $3.00 to $4.80 or your cable bill went up 60% on a whim. You probably would be like me and started a protest outside their headquarters. It's the principle that hurts. A company should not be allowed to raise prices (especially no raw goods is used for production) like this. When they do, they should face the fury of the public and suffer major consequences.

To make matters worse, Netflix has decided to split their DVD division from their streaming division and have two separate companies, but sill under one ownership. Confusing? Now if you want to rent DVD's, you will need to go to a totally different website, fill out your billing info again, and be billed separately from the streaming division. I'm not sure how the content will work out either. It just looks like a messed up concept from the beginning.

Netflix stock has also taken a beating recently by declining more than 50% off of its 52 week high. Shareholders are bailing out like as if the ship is sinking. Smart move on their part.

It is time for consumers to take a stand at corporate greed and piss-poor decisions. We hold the power and should use it to punish these wrong deeds. Netflix might soon be a thing of the past.