"What No One Is Willing To Tell You About Losing FAT!"


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What No One Is Willing To Tell You About Losing FAT!

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What No One Is Willing To Tell You About Losing FAT!
Leonard Rogalski

You know I’m almost ashamed.

All this content on the internet and no one is willing to speak the truth.

All everyone wants is for you to buy some expensive supplement.

Did you realize that protein has a higher thermogenic effect than any other food—meaning that the human body has to burn calories to just breakdown and actually use protein! More than yes carbohydrates and fat.

Which is one reason why low carb diets are effective for losing fat-not just water weight.

Or how about this shocker—if you combine too many carbs and fat in one meal it shoots up insulin and raises blood fats. Making appear that you just ate a high fat calorie loaded mean at some fast food place.

Now, that I’ve gotten your attention, I’d like to clear up what I feel is the worst misconception about diets.

When you decide to that you want to get into better shape it shouldn’t be about just going on a diet or just trying to loss weight, it should be about trying to lose FAT.

If you are just concerned about losing weight or with the numbers on the scale than you may be burning off muscle along with fat.

And since muscle is what burns calories when you resume normal eating, guess what your body has less calorie burning muscle so your metabolism is slower, hence you gain back most if not even more weight than you lost.

Honestly if there is one thing that we can all learn from body builders is this, if you are not seeing results in the mirror—ie a smaller waist, firmer hips, thighs, etc. than it is not going to al-of-a-sudden happen one day over night.

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