Houston Community News >> Houston Memorial Day

5/29/2006 Houston-- The Memorial Day service at the Houston VA National Cemetery was canceled because of heavy rain, but that didn't stop some people from paying tribute to fallen troops.

Outside the cemetery, they were being turned away one by one. "We'll go down and have our own celebration," said one person. And that's just what they did. The rain never really stopped. But it couldn't wash away the duty that brought them through the back streets to the gravesites of those they miss.

"Came to leave some flowers for my husband," said one woman. "My daddy's buried here. He was a World War I vet," said someone else. After all the events were canceled what was left was unadorned patriotism. They just began to sing. Slowly, others joined them. Officers saluted. Tears fell.

In Sugar Land, the rains came and sent people scurrying for cover. But they didn't leave either. "Being American, we need to support America and remember those who've given their lives for us," said one woman. Hundreds of people held a giant American flag during the Memorial Service. Crosses were erected to represent the lives lost from Fort Bend County.

The weather cleared up in time for an afternoon ceremony at Bear Creek Park. For many, this is a day when they come to find a particular name and run their fingers across the letters and know their sacrifice will outlive us all. Joe Miksis came to honor William Douglas Richardson -- his stepson. "His name went up this week. He was killed in Iraq November 30," said Miksis. The worst part is the names keep coming.