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7/13/2010 Taiwan- A spot on the National League All-Star team is about the last thing Taiwan’s Kuo Hong-chih could have ever expected. The Los Angeles Dodger left-hander has had his elbow operated on four times, flamed out as a starter and struggled with his control since signing with the Dodgers organization in 1999.

Even this year, with his health and control issues finally straightened out and with stats the great Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera might envy, Kuo did not make the National League All-Star team when it was first announced, but with Atlanta Braves’ rookie phenomenon Jason Heyward unable to take his spot on the team because of injury and Braves reliever Billy Wagner declining an invitation to replace Heyward to rest a sore ankle, National League manager Charlie Manuel finally opted for the Taiwanese set-up man.

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