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How to Make Korean Bibimpap

This has to be one of Korea's most eaten dishes, simply because it is easy to make and you can put in whatever you want into this dish. This dish originated from the olden Korean days when people didn't have as much to eat. Since they only had bits and pieces of dishes and side dishes, they simply mixed everything together so that everyone could taste a little bit of everything. And thus the origin of Bibimbap. However, in this dish we are going to use the ingredients that are most widely used. Here is how to make this old yet delicious dish.

The ingredients that we are going to use are: white rice, bulgogi, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, soybean sprouts, an egg, Korean chili paste, and sesame seeds.

This dish is incredibly easy to make. First off, make the rice as instructed on the bag. While the rice is being cooked, we can prep all the other ingredients.

For carrots and cucumbers, you can either julienne them or take a slicer and just slice them with that.

As for your spinach and soybean sprouts, boil them in water with a little salt so that your spinach wilts and your soybean sprouts cook. Once you think they're done, just take them out and you can either let them sit or dunk them in ice water.

For bulgogi, you can check my other article to learn how to make that. It's not that hard to make, and it's incredibly delicious.

Once the rice has been cooked, simply take a large portion of rice into a large bowl, take some of every ingredient and put it into the bowl as well. Then take a spoonful of Korean chili and add that to the mixture and mix well so that everything is evenly covered and spread out. Then take a frying pan, cook your egg sunny side up and lay it on top of the bibimbap while sprinkling on some sesame seeds.

Now you are done making bibimbap and can enjoy this delicious dish with whoever is around you because I can assure there's going to be more than enough for everyone.

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