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Korean Baby Names

Korean baby names are very unique! Did you know that only three surnames account for over half of the Korean population? So it's important to parents to assign a Korean given name that will stand out for their child and make them a bit unique.

A Korean name consists of a family name first, followed by a given name. Over the centuries the family names have eventually faded into three different names. These are Kim, Lee, and Park. Koreans often have a name that includes a syllable of their generation, as well as a distinct syllable. The generational name syllable is always shared by siblings in a family.

In Korea, names are generally based on the Chinese character alphabet. For many years parents could choose only from a list of approved names as issued by the government, but in recent decades, that trend has fallen by the wayside. Now children are often given names derived from traditional Korean words, and even two-syllable names, though these are usually reserved only for girls.

Keep in mind, however, that given names are rarely used in polite company. An individual is usually addressed by their family name. The given name is only used by very close friends and family members. So whatever Korean baby name you give your child, it might only rarely be heard outside of the circle of your family and friends of the family. Thanks to this tradition, the Korean baby names you choose for your little one will be much more intimate than names bestowed in other cultures.

A few of the more common two-syllable Korean baby names for girls include Haneul, meaning "heaven" or "sky", and Areum, meaning "beauty". The name Gippeum means "joy" and the name Iseul means "dew".

If you are looking for a simpler name for your little girl, why not consider one of the most popular names of late: Shin, meaning "belief". Other common names include Moon, Min, and Kyon. These names usually mean something positive about the baby, such as how clever they are, or how beautiful.

What are some of the more common Korean baby names for boys? "Kwan" is a popular name, meaning "strong". Other favored names for Korean boys are Jung, Chin, Bae, and Gi. All of these names have very powerful connotations and are meant to convey a sense of purpose and strength.

Some names, such as Sun, are permissible for both a boy and a girl. The name means "goodness" in Korean. In Chinese, it means "bending". Another unisex name is Jin, meaning "jewel" in Korean and "golden" in Chinese.

Korean names will always be popular, and parents will always be looking for ways to make their children stand out from the crowd. With very few surnames to go around, the uniqueness of your Korean baby names is very important! Take your time in finding one that is just perfect for your little one. 

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