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A Japanese Kimono forms an important part of Japanese culture, Kimono's are made for men and woman and are traditional garments within Japan.

There are many different types of kimono styles, these vary depending on the occasion, the different styles range from formal to very casual, Kimono's also come in many different types of fabric, including silk, cotton and polyester.

There are many places to Buy Japanese Kimono these include many online shops that specialize in selling kimonos and kimono related items.

Kimonos are also worn in various sports including,
Kendo and Sumo wrestling, men's kimonos are a lot simpler than women's kimono's in designs and sleeve lengths.

Formal Kimono's are generally made from high quality silk, these tend to be higher price than their cotton or polyester counterparts, silk kimono's are used a lot in traditional weddings and can even change in style during the different seasons.

In today's modern Japan women are taught how to wear a kimono by attending special kimono school that show the proper way to dress in a kimono, traditionally this knowledge was passed down from mother to daughter, however in modern Japan, kimonos are usually worn for special occasions only.

Kimonos are traditional wedding wear and can cost a large some of money, some kimonos cost up to $10,000, for those that can't afford the prices there are rental stores where kimono can be rented at a set price for the day.

White tabi socks are the first item of clothing that is worn with a kimono, next is undergarment slips, these are known as juban, these are 2 items of clothing, a white top and a skirt, the next thing to do is to put on the kimono and make sure the back seam is in the center, the kimono is then wrapped to the right side of the body then overlapped from the left.

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