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Japanese Interior Decorating Style

How to achieve the clean. serene look of Japanese style in your home. Using a few accents to create this effect. How Japanese culture affects Japanese design.

Using some Japanese decorating details in your home's decor will absolutely transform its look. Japanese decorating automatically adds a calm and serene beauty to your surroundings. Even just a few details from this school of design will help to change your home and help it to reflect a less hectic lifestyle.

It does not take a professional decorator to achieve this transformation from frantic to serene. It just requires a investment of time and money (and not much of either) to learn about the style and obtain some Japanese decorative items. How do you achieve a Japanese look in a room or home? Let's look at the culture of Japan to get some clues. The Japanese culture is based on formal. polite. calm manner of doing just about everything. This is reflected in their home design. Very simple designs. without a lot of color or detail. is the hallmark of Japanese design. The Japanese decorate with a few sleek pieces. such as mats and screens in simple fabrics and designs. It is more important to choose the right item or artifact than to have a lot of different things in the room.

The role of natural light is very important to Japanese design. and rice paper screens and walls are used to allow light to shine through. while still affording privacy. To emulate this look. you should use soft curtains in light colors such as white or cream. with no decorations or detail around the windows. An open plan room. which allows light to enter every part of it. is very Japanese in feel. Floor mats or screens to delineate different areas take the place of walls. The whole concept is very minimalist. with no clutter or knick-knacks around.

The simplest look that you can achieve is the look that will reflect a Japanese feel. Tables. for example. are usually low black lacquer. without any vases or cloths on it. Plain hardwood floors will have no covering. and since the Japanese remove their shoes in the house. none is needed. All of the furniture is low. with clean cut lines. These lines are the essential spirit of Japanese design. You will see lots of straight lines and few curves in Japanese design. including on walls. furniture and any of the few decorative items to be found. Natural products such as wood and stone are used almost exclusively. Use these tips to add the important elements of Japanese design to your home and you will have the desired simple beauty in no time.

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Analeese Burnabaker is a wedding planner that loves to help clients create unique and fitting themes. A Japanese garden party theme is one of her latest ideas. See www.funjapanesegarden.info to learn more.

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