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Ghetto Grammar - Japanese Bunpo lesson #106
Today’s lesson focuses in on the ghetto grammar principle:
Verb (base II) + nagara - to do while 'verb'ing.

You are able to express past tense and current tenses with this bunpo. After reading the following examples, plug in your favorite Japanese verbs and play, it makes learning Japanese fun!

Example.1. Sara o arainagara, kuchibue o fuku. – While doing the dishes, I whistle.

Example 2. Enka o kikinagara, sake o nomu – While listening to an enka(Japanese folk song), I drink sake.

Ghetto Grammar Formulation Breakdown –

1. Put verb in base II

a. ex 1. The verb arau (to wash) with direct object sara (dishes) is sara o arau - to do the dishes.

b. arau in base II becomes arai.

2. Fuse arai and nagara to make arainagara, or the phrase while washing… Plugged And played.

Past tense, non-polite (familiar), plain-form ending –

Ex. 1. Sara o arainagara kuchibue of fuita. I whistled while doing the dishes.

Past tense, polite ending –

Ex. 1.Sara o arainagara, kuchibue of fukimashita. – While doing the dishes, I (politely) whistled.

Past tense, non-polite (familiar), plain-form ending –

Ex.2. Enka o kikinagara, sake o nonda. While listening to a Japanese Folk Song, I drank sake.

Past tense, polite ending –

Ex.2. Enka o kikinagara, sake o nomimashita. While listening to a Japanese Folk Song, I (politely) drank sake.

Ex. 3. Famicon or yarinagara shukudai ga dekiru. I can play nintendo while I'm doing my homework.

Ex. 4. Gamu o kaminagara kuchibue mo dekiru. I can chew gum while I'm whistling.

Ex. 5 Nenagara jishin ga atta. While I was sleeping there was an earthquake.

Do your best! Ganbatte Ne! Makurasuki sensei Yori.

About the Author:

makurasuki Sensei has enjoyed teaching for a majority of his life whether it be music or Japanese. He says He Likes Japanese and Music but not necessarily Japanese music. If you like what he has done in this article please visit his other web pages which are well made for Beginning to advance learners of Japanese at http://squidoo.com/ghettogrammar

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