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Ivy: Korean Female Pop

Ivy (born Park Eunhye), November 7, 1982 is a K-pop singer who debuted in 2005 with the album Vol. 1 - My Sweet and Free Day. Although she has a strong voice, the record company chose the "sexy" route by releasing " (What Happened Tonight) as her first single. Since the song was about her cheating on her boyfriend with a one night stand, it was accompanied by a suggestive video. The official second single "A ha.." continued this sexy style, and it was popular enough to be parodied by female comedienne Park Kyung Lim; however, her record company also released (I Am A Fool), a ballad that gave Ivy a reprieve from her sexy image and a chance showcasing her powerful voice. This song was mostly promoted on the MBC music show Music Camp, known for its "live performances only" policy; "A ha.." was performed on the other shows. The album was not a breakout hit, but consistent sales allowed it to place 48th for the year, thanks due to the popularity of her singles and heavy promotion on the various music shows. Although inactive for most of 2006, she has collaborated with Shinhwa for their album State Of The Art on the track "Highway Star".

She has been educated at Dongdeok Women's University.


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