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3/28/2008 Houston-- Tzu Chi Foundation's Recycle Program @ Houston Chinatown Area – A Community Green Effort

We recycle following items:

1 Newspapers, commercial inserts and flyers
2 Magazines, catalog, mails, office papers, school papers, and cardboard
3 Aluminum cans
4 Plastics bottles and containers ( #1 & #2)
5 Toners, cartridges & cell phones

Please drop off at Tzu Chi Still Thoughts Hall Recycle Station @ the address and office hours underlined below.

Let us make Houston Chinatown a greener place to live, shop and play by reducing, reusing and recycling!

Recycle Location: 6200 Corporate Drive, Houston, TX 77036, Tel: 713-981-8966

Office Hours: daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

~ Tzu Chi Recycling: Exercise for the Body and the Mind ~