Houston Community News >> Houston Trade Mission to China

7/24/2006 Houston-- Houston Mayor Bill White and Shell Oil Co. President John Hofmeister have already reported positive results in the midst of a weeklong trade mission to China.

According to the mayor's office, a number of agreements have been reached between the City of Houston and the City of Shanghai that are expected to bring closer ties and increased economic opportunities to both cities. "We've worked hard to reach deals on a number of fronts, and we believe they will add more business and more jobs," White said in a statement. "China is booming, and Houston businesses are in the game. These are not just promises. We have some real deals and action items to pursue."

Agreements signed include: A partnership between the Mayor's Office of International Affairs and Development and the Shanghai International Merchandising Center to create a joint trade development program, including procurement centers to help match buyers and sellers of goods and services in the respective cities;


  • An agreement between Houston and the Jinshan District of Shanghai to jointly facilitate business development for oil and gas and petrochemical companies;
  • A joint-degree and faculty development partnership between the University of Houston and the East China Science and Technology University; and
  • A partnership to develop shared exhibitions between the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Jinshan District of Shanghai.

White also cited as significant other areas of cooperation including a joint degree program between the University of Houston and Tongji University; a program to bring Chinese-language teachers to Houston schools; a scholarship program being developed for American students who want to learn about China; and an agreement that the Port of Houston and the Port of Shanghai would lead other major ports around the world in an effort to reduce environmental emissions generated by the ports.

The Greater Houston Partnership has also been a party to the trade mission, which included stops in Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing.

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