Houston Community News >> Houston Rockets Hits Another Low

2/27/2007-- Don't let the Houston Rockets record of 31-22 deceive you. They are not that good. If anyone watched the Boston Celtics vs. Houston Rockets game, you will understand where I am coming from. Yeah people can say Tracy McGrady did not play or Yao Ming did not play, but lets examine the facts here.

Boston lost 18 games in a row not too long ago. They won and then lost 4 in a row again until they met the hapless Rockets. The entire game was just plain ugly. Bricks after bricks, turnover after turnover, do you see where I am going with this?

It is called typical Houston Rockets basketball under a typical and predictable coach named Jeff Van Gundy. You might wonder so what, it is just one game. My response to that is yes one game but losing to a "high school talent level team" magnifies every single error and miss shot the Rockets committed. Especially when they were considered to be in the run for 3rd or 4th best record in the West, games like this should never end up the way it did.

You don't need T-Mac or Yao to beat Boston. The Rockets had plenty of good players to play with this sub-par team. But wait, are we kidding ourselves. Rafer Alston, Luther Head, and Juan Howard are not good players. They are inconsistent players. Head and Alston are turnover machines. Howard will hit shots here and there but too inconsistent to count on; Mutumbo is too old to play at the good level; Chuck Hayes, well if I had a nickel every time he commits a foul, I'd be a rich man; Battier is a great defender and lets just leave it at that.

Seriously, who do we have other than T-Mac or Yao? I knew we had to make a trade before the deadline last Thursday. Alston, Head, Howard or all three should have been traded. We need consistency as a team to be even considered a real team in the West. Have anyone heard on ESPN or TNT about the Rockets and their record? Of course not. Everyone knows we are a joke and we cannot compete with elite teams. Everyone knows our record is a fluke and it finally has caught up. Everyone knows our struggles and our true colors.

The Houston Rockets not only lost to Boston, a terrible team, but they lost their pride and their fans. It is an embarrassment for the city of Houston and the fans. They need to apologize publicly for their poor performance.

Perhaps they should wear a bag to cover their heads when they show up for their next game. Their true colors showed and their season is all but a lost cause.

(Contributed by Angry Fan)