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6/19/2007 Houston-- Homes in River Oaks are among the most sought after homes in the city of Houston. The exclusive neighborhood has the distinction of being one of the very first truly planned communities in Texas. The central west Houston neighborhood was conceived and developed in the 1920s by two brothers of a Texas governor and a Houston attorney. The trio envisioned a beautiful community of well-designed homes surrounding the new Country Club. The country club still stands, the centerpiece of a lovely neighborhood that has stood the test of time where many other city neighborhoods across the country have not.

It is often considered an exclusive and expensive neighborhood, but it was not planned that way. While the developers did envision a core of upscale homes, the plan also included homes and properties meant for families "of modest means", according to the original documents and reports about the community. That continues to be true to this day.

While it is renowned for its luxury, upscale homes, there are also many affordable homes here that still conform to the original concept of graceful living and refined design. While it is known for elegant homes that sell for prices as high as $20 million, there are also many more affordable homes here for those who are not yet among the fabulously wealthy.

Many of the homes in River Oaks are the original homes that were built in the 1920s and 1930s, designed by some of the most famous architects of their eras. Some have undergone renovation, while others have been razed and rebuilt, but the integrity of the neighborhood has been upheld throughout the years by the River Oaks Property Owners Association, which oversees new construction and renovations. They ensure that the homes here continue to conform to the uniformity of design and quality that was originally envisioned by the developers of the area.

Homes here carry a certain mystique. The elegant subdivision has been home to the city's elite since its inception, and still attracts the wealthy, the famous and the renowned. The upscale community still offers that same cachet of old money and stately elegance. It is the address of those who have arrived.

Despite the deed restrictions on styles of architecture and home design, there is still quite a variety of architectural style. You'll find homes in Georgian and Tudor design, of Art Deco styling and old Plantation elegance. The diverse styles all work together as a harmonious whole, thanks to the high standards of quality that are upheld by the property owners association.

Those standards ensure that homes here are almost exclusively single family homes, a standard enforced by deed restrictions on nearly every property that is sold in River Oaks. These restrictions prohibit the erection of multi-family dwellings or commercial buildings on property, and ensure that the traditional atmosphere of beauty and serenity will be maintained for the foreseeable future and beyond.

The serenity and beauty of the neighborhood is reinforced by wide streets lined with stately trees and carefully tended and manicured lawns. River Oaks Boulevard, the main road through the lovely subdivision, is a well-maintained boulevard that leads through the center from the old high school to the entry portico of the River Oaks Country Club.

The River Oaks Property Owners Association takes their guardianship of the lovely community to heart. In addition to overseeing the design for new and renovated properties, the ROPA maintains its own private security patrol to keep the area safe, and took over maintenance of the neighborhoods parks and public greenways in 1998. It has instituted a Foundation to raise money to fund improvements to the parks and public lands as needed.

Despite the far-from-the-madding-crowd atmosphere of the neighborhood, homes here are only minutes away from shopping malls, downtown Houston and all the other amenities of modern living. It is, in all possible ways, the best of both worlds. A lovely retreat from the hustle and bustle of today's busy world that still offers easy access to all of its advantages.

The stately neighborhood offers all the advantages of living in Houston, one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, with fine dining, high culture and world class entertainment. If the graceful living of days gone by with easy access to today's conveniences appeals to you, contact a Houston realtor that specializes and knows about available homes in River Oaks.

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