4/11/2006 HOUSTON -- A Washington-based nonprofit homeless advocacy group has named Houston the seventh meanest city in the nation. Dallas was given the dubious distinction of the "meanest" city in Texas -- and the sixth meanest in the nation.

The National Coalition for the Homeless cited Houston city officials' for what's called a "civility ordinance" to bar persons from sitting or lying on downtown sidewalks between seven am and eleven pm.

Dallas on the other hand was cited for the removal of a shopping cart from store property and sweeps to disperse homeless camps. It also cited proposals to ticket donors to panhandlers after a ban on panhandling proved to be ineffective.

San Antonio comes in at 11th for new ordinances that target aggressive panhandling, sleeping in public, urinating in public and camping or sleeping in vehicles without licenses.

Austin weighs in at 15th for proposed bans on public sleeping, panhandling and loitering.

(Associated Press)