Houston becomes home to McDermott International

(3/4/2006) McDermott International, a major New Orleans energy services firm, has relocated its corporate office / headquarters to Houston, Texas. McDermott International is an engineering and construction giant and was affected by Hurricane Katrina last year. The company has about 115 corporate employees here and that is in addition to more than 300 employees with J.Ray McDermott, an offshore engineering and construction subsidiary that is based in Houston.

The company decided to be tight-lipped about the move. The move also reunites McDermott's corporate staff with its top decision makers. Most of the company officials were already in Houston for several years now so it was natural for the company to move its offices here. There is also a concentration of companies within the industry moving here.

Industry experts have long said that it has been a trend for energy companies to relocate to Houston to be near their counterparts and customers. McDermott will still retain an engineering office in New Orleans. The business climate in New Orleans has changed since Hurricane Katrina, but the energy industry won't go away completely. You will continue to see satellite companies in New Orleans and corporate offices elsewhere.