Houston Community News >> Houston's Lee Golden Dragon Dance Troupe Wins Silver Trophy

7/8/2007 Houston-- On June 23, 2007, Lee’s Golden Dragon Lion Dance Troupe of Houston traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to compete in the 2007 North American Lion Dance Festival high-poles (高 桩) lion dance competition. The troupes that competed against our team included Leung’s White Crane Lion Dance Association of San Francisco (白 鶴 醒 獅 會); Yau Kung Moon Wushu Manitoba Dance Association of Winnipeg (柔 功門); and Yau Kung Moon Flying Lions Lion Dance Troupe of Winnipeg (柔 功 門 飛 獅 醒 獅 團).

In the end, Lee’s Golden Dragon Team A, placed second place
behind Leung’s White Crane, the gold trophy winner. We are very proud of our team on their achievement.

Lee's Golden Dragon Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe