3/14/2006 Houston-- The Houston Indian-American community is building an $18 million to $20 million community center that will promote Indian culture as well as provide social, health care and referral services for everyone - regardless of their ethnicity. Leaders in the community have already bough the tract of land, 10 acres, near South Gessner and West Bellfort.

The center is more than a year from opening, but early reactions from nearby community associations is positive. People in the Indian community have voiced their opinions saying that is would be a "great asset to our community". The community center will be called India House providing a senior citizens center, continuing education, health care and wellness services, immigrant support, and recreational and social events. That is just the first phase of the project.

The second phase, build date yet to be determined, will include a cultural library and museum, ballroom and performing arts center, food preparation, child care, recreation and wellness, and retention pond.

And finally the third phase of the project will include retail shops with Indian crafts and products, Indian restaurants, food court, video game gallery, parking garage, and a HPD storefront.

"We are not building for ourselves... We are building for our grandkids so that our grandkids will remember that their ancestors came from foreign land. And this it the gift that they left for us to build on, " says Agrawal, president of Piping Technology in Houston.

The first phase of the project is slated to start Mid-May and be completed by Mid August 2007.

Contributed by David Ellison.