Houston Community News >> Mugged in Front of Dillards at the Galleria: A Mother's Story

12/8/2006 Houston-- Two days ago at approximately 6:30 p.m. my beautiful, 29 year old daughter was MUGGED at the FRONT DOOR of Dillard's at the Galleria. She saw the fellow with her peripheral vision coming toward her as she approached the store and immediately sensed trouble. She immediately changed directions and ran into the oncoming traffic trying to get away from him. He changed directions as well. He beat her with a gun at the front door and took her bag. There were folks out everywhere. One of the employees told us last evening that this was the second incident there yesterday and that Dillard's offers NO customer security services. The parking lot has a number of lights out and evidently is turning into a scary place. Missi is a medical implant sales rep and of course was all dressed up with 30 minutes to spare before meeting clients for dinner. She has large knots on her head and a big bruise in her side where he also hit her with the gun. Other than other large bruises and soreness, she has no other injuries. He beat her to the ground!!!

Within minutes we were canceling credit cards; but within minutes they had charged over $1500 at one store down on Cullen using only one card. The only description we have is that he (and his accomplice) drive a green Nissan truck (several years old), appeared to be in his late twenties and is Afro-American. In their struggle, she managed to knock his hat off his head which the police now have custody of. The scariest part of this is that he has her driver's license, spare Lexus key, checks, and of course the usual bank and credit cards. Since he now also knows her address, we had locks changed late last night.

According to an employee, that was the SECOND incident at the store yesterday. They went on to say that Dillard's security officers spend a lot of time inside the store because merchandise seems to be more important than customer safety!!! The number of lights that they have which are burned out or were not functioning is unbelievable!!!

We feel very blessed that she is alive and has no permanent injuries. We all think of the Galleria as being safe (particularly before it is totally dark in the evening) but nothing could be further from the truth. Please spread the word that everyone needs to be so careful. Channel 2 is planning to air the story this evening. She is extremely frightened. Please remember her and pass this story on to others so they may be more cognizant of their safety.