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Houston Friday, December 1 Events

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Soc. For the Performing Arts - Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company. 8:00 p.m. At Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana. Through colorful and intricate costumes, the 45-member company showcases the beauty, color and traditions of its native country, illuminating the interweaving of Spanish and Asian influences found in the Filipino culture. Call 713-227-4SPA for more info.

Houston Ballet - Jubilee of Dance: A Celebration of Movement.  At Wortham Center, 501 Texas. Carmina Burana is the centerpiece of this year’s Jubilee of Dance, a kaleidoscope of works showcasing the current and future stars of Houston Ballet. Call 713-522-5538 for more info.

The Nutcracker. At the Wortham Center. Call 713-227-2787 for tickets and more info. Event ID:12/27.

A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens. A ghost story of Christmas. Houston events at the Alley Theatre. Call 713-228-8421 or visit for more details. Event ID:12/27.

Rock Nativity presented by A.D. Players Theater. Call 713-526-2721 for more info. Event ID:12/31

Tryst, A Romantic Thriller. At the Alley Theater, Neuhaus Stage. Adult content, nudity, and sexual situations. Recommended for mature audiences. Call 713-228-8421 for more tickets. Event ID:12/10


Houston Fine Arts Events

The Cat's Meow. At the Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition presents a wide range of works of art that celebrate the mystery of cats, in all of their nine lives. The Catīs Meow gathers approximately 25 works from the MFAH collections of prints and drawings, photography, and Asian art, all featuring fabulous felines in various stages of posing, prowling, and purring. Call 713-639-7300 for more info. Event ID: 1/21/07.



  • 慈濟辦“人文飄香教室”。9:30am-11:30am。地點﹕慈濟靜思堂
  • 希望診所門診9am-5pm 中華文化服務中心,
  • 國際體育舞蹈中心舞會﹐ 8:30-12:00 pm. 9730 Town Park #100﹐713-776-0788



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