Houston Community News >> Houston Chinese Christians Call for Disaster Relief Drive

5/17/2008 Houston-- A devastating earthquake registered magnitude 7.9 rattled Si Chuan, China, on 5/12/2008. As many as 50 thousand people may have died; with many more were injured and lost their homes and all possessions. Representatives from Houston Chinese Church Ministers Fellowship (HCCMF), Light and Salt Association, Christian Communication Inc.(CCIUSA), and Harold Crusade Houston Division gathered to hold an emergency meeting at Tallowood Baptist Church on 10:00 am, 5/15/2008, to discuss the relief effort to raise fund for earthquake victims. Vice-chairman of HCCMF, Rev. Jason Lee called the meeting on behalf of chairman Rev. Albany Lee (out of town). Representatives unanimously approved the formation of “Houston Area China Earthquake Relief Committee” in the meeting. Three pastor delegates and one representative from each of the above mentioned organizations formed the committee. The committee will handle the details of fund raising and distribution. In addition, Light and Salt association was appointed to handle the administrative works and bookkeeping.

The committee is asking for your earnest prayers to support the disaster victims and their loved ones, as well as your generous financial contributions. The committee will be completely run by volunteers; therefore all donations will go directly to the disaster relief.

It was also approved that the committee can forward your donations designated for Myanmar cyclone relief to proper organizations.

Your tax-deductable contribution can be donated through:

Light and Salt Association
9800 Town Park Dr, Suite 258B, Houston, TX 77036
Phone: (713-988-4724)

Your love and care to the victims is deeply appreciated! May God bless you!

Light and Salt Association is a 501(C) non-profit organization, and will provide you the tax receipt.