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Houston Thursday, August 3 Events

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Folkloric Dreams. 11am at Miller Theater in Herman Park. A young girl dreams of being a dancer while her father is only interested in her progress at school. This English-Spanish bilingual production encourages young children to find the way to follow dreams. Call 713-2840-8352 for more details.

Houston Shakespeare Festival: Titus Andronicus. 8pm at Miller Theater in Herman Park. “Titus” and its Senecan horrors were box office gold in its own day. Its rediscovery in our own time verifies its popularity and restores its luster as a great crowd pleaser. Call 713-2840-8352 for more details.

Black Comedy by Peter Shaffers.  At the Alley Theatre. Call 713-228-8421 for more info.

The Lion King: Broadway's Award Winning Best Musical. At the Hobby Center. Call 800-889-8457 for tickets.

Stages Theatre - The Great American Trailer Park Musical. Houston event at the Stages Theatre, 3201 Allen Parkway. There's a new tenant in Armadillo Acres, and she's wreaking havoc all over Florida's most exclusive trailer park! All this and there's SINGIN' too! Call 713.527.0123 or visit

Smoke on the Mountain. By A.D. Players Theater. Call 713-526-2721 for more details.


Houston Fine Arts Events

The Royal Tombs of Ur: Ancient Treasures from Modern Iraq. At the Museum of Natural Science. Stunning jewels from the far reaches of the ancient world, fearsome weapons wrought from precious metals and gilt objects of everyday grandeur created by this ancient and highly advanced Mesopotamian civilization. Call 713-639-IMAX for more info.

Wildflower Portraits. At Museum of Natural Science. Artist and longtime Houston resident Eloise Thompson grew, collected and painted wildflowers native to the southwestern United States for many years, capturing over 350 varieties in watercolor. Call 713-639-IMAX for more info.

The Spirit of Ancient Colombian Gold. At Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition focuses on the sublime objects created in gold by the Pre-Columbian cultures of Colombia over a period of 2,000 years, from around 500 B.C. to 1600 A.D. Call 713-639-7300 for more details.

Mummy: The Inside Story. At Museum of Natural Science. Take a 3-D, virtual tour through the 2,800-year-old mummified body of the ancient Egyptian priest Nesperennub, and think like a detective to discover what his life, death and world were like. Call 713-639-IMAX for more details.

Dinosaurs Exhibition. At the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. Ancient fossils, new discoveries, come and view an evolution revolution. Call 713-639-4629 for more info.

Body Worlds 3. At the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. The Houston Museum of Natural Science, in partnership with Baylor College of Medicine and The Lester and Sue Smith Foundation, announces the debut of Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS 3: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, including never-before-seen whole-body plastinates. Visit for more details.




  • 海外客語研習班。713-968-2166。僑教中心。

  • 莎士比亞節。免費表演。11am & 7pm。713-284-8350 地點﹕Miller outdoor theatre, Hermann Park

  • 手工藝班﹐麻將﹐ 橋牌, 資深護士咨詢, 1-3 pm. 希望診所12-8pm. 中華文化服務中心 713-271-6100

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