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Houston Sunday, August 10 Events

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Houston Roller Derby. 5pm. Houston Roller Derby consists of four women's teams, the Burlesque Brawlers, the Bayou City Bosses, the Machete Betties, and the Psych Ward Sirens. Houston events at Verizon Wireless Theater. Call 713-230-1600 for more info.

Annual Houston Home Show - Fall 2008. Houston events at the Convention Center. Our shows have something for every part of your home and garden including innovative remodeling ideas, beautiful decorating tips, creative backyard additions as well as organization solutions to make your house the home you have always dreamed of. All of these things and more can be found under one roof. Call 713-529-1616 for more info. Event ID: 8/10

Houston Shakespeare Festival: Cymbeline. 8:30pm. Houston events at Miller Theatre in Hermann Park. Call 281-FREE-FUN for more info.

Stages Theatre - Always … Patsy Cline. Based on a true story, this tribute to the legendary country music singer and her friendship with devoted Houston fan Louise Seger is rich with down-home country humor and includes 27 of Cline's unforgettable hit songs. Houston events at Stages Theatre, 3201 Allen Parkway. Call 713-527-0123 for more info. Event ID: 8/31


Houston Fine Arts Events

Geopalooza! A Hard Rock Anthology. Discover the full spectrum of nature’s mineral wonders, from tiny trilobite fossils to gigantic cathedral geodes. Featuring massive geodes weighing thousands of pounds presented alongside some of the world’s most spectacular meteorites, minerals and fossils. Houston events at the Museum of Natural Science. Call 713-639-IMAX for more info. Event ID: 8/24

Leonardo da Vinci: Man, Inventor, Genius. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known. More than 500 years ago, Da Vinci designed flying machines, robots, submarines, underwater breathing gear and solar powered industries. This remarkable internationally acclaimed exhibition displays over 60 models of Da Vinci's famous machines, inventions and designs based on ancient codices. At the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Event ID:9/1

Where Clouds Disperse: Ink Paintings by Suh Se-ok.  Over his 40-year career, Suh Se-ok has incorporated his traditional training with his Modernist sensibility to create dynamic works that embody his artistic vision. He has been especially transfixed by the figurative form and has continually explored and perfected it until it evolved into powerful formal gestures of simple lines that comprise his definitive pictorial vocabulary. Location: Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet. Call 713-639-7300 for more info.

Sesame Street Presents: The Body. Get to know what’s under your skin at Sesame Street Presents: The Body, an amazing new educational exhibition featuring Elmo, Oscar, Grover and the rest of your Sesame Street friends! Run, jump and play your way through a new interactive exhibition all about the human body. This exhibit will cover everything from fingers and toes to your ishy-squishy insides. Houston events at Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Drive. Call 713-521-1515 for more info.



  • 奧運中美籃球賽同步關戰。9am。特優票價(包括火箭隊球票)。713-826-9818。 地點﹕Toyota Center
  • 文化中心 Aliana 杯乒乓球大賽(兩天)。10am-6pm。詳情參閱
  • 「感恩‧歡喜‧七月吉祥」祈福會. 3-5pm. 慈濟靜思堂
  • 慈濟德州分會陳正德醫師演講〝認識B型肝炎〞. 10:30am – 12noon. 713-981-8966.地點: Panda Garden (3563 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX. 77478),備有午餐招待。
  • 采風書坊書展。10am-5pm。僑教中心。
  • 通靈大師蔡姬座談會。832-692-9027。
  • 免費學英語。3:30pm。713-732-6265
    地點﹕2140 First Colony Blvd.,Sugar Land
  • 國際體育舞蹈中心舞會。8:30-12pm。9730 Town Park



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