Houston April 12 Events

Houston Wednesday, April 12 Events

Dinosaurs Exhibition. Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. Ancient fossils, new discoveries, come and view an evolution revolution. Call 713-639-4629 for tickets.

Tansu presents Paper Planes by Kevin Box.  At Tansu, 321-B West 19th Street. Bronze sculptures that celebrate the unfolding of paper, consciousness, and the spiritual planes. Box marries paper and metal to create bronze sculptures with origami influences for a contemporary fusion of both mediums. Included in the Tansu exhibition will be a signature piece ‘Crane Unfolding’, an 8-foot tall sculpture of an origami crane unfolding into a star. “This crane reveals the meaning of life as it unfolds into a star,” says Box. “It symbolizes the complex and intelligent design just below the surface of everything seen in creation. It sums up most of my work”. Call 713-880-5100 for more details.

The Miser. Savagely Funny and 2005 Tony Winner. A knock-about dark comedy based on the classic farce of the tyrannical miser who hoards money and plans to marry off his children to wealthy suitors. A fantastic new production by the recent Tony winner for "Outstanding Regional Theatre." At the Hubbard Stage, Alley Theatre.

Orson's Shadow by Austin Pendleton. An intrigue, comedy, backstage drama at the Ally Theatre. Call 713-228-8421 for tickets.


Houston Fine Arts Events

Xul Solar: Visions and Revelations. At the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Explore the complete world of the cultural surroundings of Argentina in the early twentieth century through the eyes of one of the most influential artists in Latin American avant-garde art.

Encouraging American Genius: Master Paintings from the Corcoran Gallery of Art. At the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston. Behold the masterpieces of pre-1945 American art history visiting from the third oldest museum in the United States, the Cocoran Gallery of Art, Washington. D.C. Call 713-639-7300 for details.

Reading the Roman Portrait Bust.  See what the rulers and ruling class of Rome really looked like. At the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Call 713-639-7300 for more information.



  • 看護者講座10-12am.地點﹕西北越南老人中心713-271-6100
  • 太極拳班10:00-11:30am,中華文化服務中心, 福利資詢﹐1-3pm。 9800 Town Park.

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