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Houston Saturday, April 5 Events

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15th Annual Japan Festival in Hermann Park. Houston events in Hermann Park's beautiful Japanese Garden, the festival celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Japan with two stages showcasing music, traditional and folk dance and martial arts, as well as demonstrations of Ikebana flower arrangement, tea ceremony, origami, and bonsai. Event ID:4/6

HEB Children's Festival. Houston's official family celebration held in Downtown Houston. Lots of entertainment and more than 350 games and activities. Event ID:4/6

Decoding Genetics. 2pm. Dan Graur, Ph.D., John and Rebecca Moores Professor, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Houston, will present Genetic Evidence for Evolution during today's edition of our speaker series. Houston events at Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Drive. Call 713-521-1515 for more info.

Bridal Symposium. The premier Houston bridal show and expo with everything you'll need to plan the "Perfect" Wedding and honeymoon. This Houston bridal show and expo features the finest wedding professionals from the greater Houston, Texas area. At Reliant Center, Hall A. Houston events at Reliant Park, South Loop 610 @ Kirby exit. Call 832-667-1400 for more info.

Annual Houston Home Show - Spring 2008. Houston events at Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas. Call 713-529-1616 for more info. Event ID:4/6

Stages Theatre - Rounding Third. Houston events at Stages Theatre, 3201 Allen Parkway. Two well-meaning fathers striving to coach their sons' Little League team to victory find they hold opposing views in Richard Dresser's satiric comedy about contemporary parenting and priorities. Produced off-Broadway in 2003, Rounding Third was deemed "hilarious" by Variety. Dresser's other plays include Below the Belt and Gun-Shy. Call 713-527-0123 for more info. Event ID:4/20

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Live Experience. Based on the BBC television series, this $20-million-dollar production will feature 15 life-sized dinosaurs interacting in a realistic prehistoric setting created on the arena floor of Toyota Center. Audiences will marvel at the story of the creatures who dominated the Earth for 200-million-years. Houston events at Toyota Center, 1510 Polk. Call 1-866-4-HOUTIX for more info. Event ID:4/6

Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. Houston events at Jones Hall, 615 Louisiana. Call 713-224-7575 for more info. Event ID:4/6

Menopause: The Musical. The work of writer Jeanie Linders, Menopause The Musical® is a 90-minute production which includes 25 re-lyricized tunes from the ‘60s and ‘70s and culminates with a salute to women who are experiencing The Change. No show on Saturday, April 5. Houston events at Wortham Center, 501 Texas. Call 713-227-4SPA for more info. Event ID:4/6

Masquerade Theatre - Lucky Stiff.  Houston events at Hobby Center, 800 Bagby. Lucky Stiff is a farcical musical comedy. It was the first collaboration for the musical theater team of Lynn Ahrens (book and lyrics) and Stephen Flaherty (music). The show is based on the 1983 novel The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo by Michael Butterworth. Call 713-861-7045 for more info. Event ID: 4/6

Theatre Under The Stars - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  Houston events at the Hobby Center. In the Tony-Award winning new musical comedy THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, six young people in the throes of puberty, overseen by grown-ups who barely managed to escape childhood themselves, learn that winning isn’t everything and that losing doesn’t necessarily make you a loser. Call 713-558-TUTS for more info. Event ID:4/6

Underneath the Lintel. Houston events at Alley Theatre, 615 Texas. A puzzling mystery begins when an assistant acquisitions librarian finds a late book in the overnight slot and becomes determined to track down the offender… especially since the book is 113 years overdue. As his endeavors continue, he finds himself on a journey that unlocks ancient mysteries and moves him to new revelations. Described by Variety as “a complex mystery that transcends the ages,” Call 713-228-8421 for more info. Event ID:4/20

Houston Foto Fest. FotoFest, all Houston art museums and 107 other spaces are celebrating photo-based art with 145 exhibits. Alongside FotoFest's 10 exhibitions on Photography from China 1934-2008, 19 other spaces are hosting China-related exhibits and events. Eighty other spaces are working with the Biennial's ancillary theme Transformations. Call 713-223-5522 for more info. Event ID:4/20

Houston Fine Arts Events

Leonardo da Vinci: Man, Inventor, Genius. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known. More than 500 years ago, Da Vinci designed flying machines, robots, submarines, underwater breathing gear and solar powered industries. This remarkable internationally acclaimed exhibition displays over 60 models of Da Vinci's famous machines, inventions and designs based on ancient codices. At the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Event ID:9/1

Miwa Yanagi—Deutsche Bank Collection. Over her relatively short, but impressive career, Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi has fabricated three distinct series that confront and disrupt traditional perceptions of women. Houston events at Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet. Call 713-639-7300 for more info. Event ID:5/4

Where Clouds Disperse: Ink Paintings by Suh Se-ok.  Over his 40-year career, Suh Se-ok has incorporated his traditional training with his Modernist sensibility to create dynamic works that embody his artistic vision. He has been especially transfixed by the figurative form and has continually explored and perfected it until it evolved into powerful formal gestures of simple lines that comprise his definitive pictorial vocabulary. Location: Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet. Call 713-639-7300 for more info.

Genome: The Secret of How Life Works. Have you ever wondered what you have in common with a potato? How genes affect growth and aging, or what your future children might look like? Stop wondering and start exploring! Scientists have mapped the human genome – a person’s entire set of genes. Genes are the secret codes, or recipes that make us who we are and that influence who we might become. Houston events at Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Drive. Call 713-521-1515 for more info. Event ID:5/4

CSI: The Experience. This completely immersive exhibit invites visitors to enter one of three mock crime scenes, where they identify and record the evidence. It then takes them inside forensic laboratories for scientific testing and to autopsy rooms for pathology analysis. Houston events at Museum of Natural Science, 1 Hermann Circle Drive. Call 713.639.IMAX for more info. Event ID:4/30

Pompeo Batoni: Prince of Painters in Eighteenth Century Rome Exhibition. Houston events at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

Sesame Street Presents: The Body. Get to know what’s under your skin at Sesame Street Presents: The Body, an amazing new educational exhibition featuring Elmo, Oscar, Grover and the rest of your Sesame Street friends! Run, jump and play your way through a new interactive exhibition all about the human body. This exhibit will cover everything from fingers and toes to your ishy-squishy insides. Houston events at Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Drive. Call 713-521-1515 for more info.

Lucy's Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia. Discover five million years of Ethipia's diverse history and culture. The exhibition will include the original fossilized remains of the 3.2 million-year-old hominid known as Lucy. With 40 percent of her skeleton intact, Lucy remains the oldest and most complete adult human ancestor fully retrieved from African soil. Location: Museum of Natural Science, 1 Hermann Circle Drive. Event ID:4/20/08.



  • 蕭邦藝文圖書館二週年慶。2-5pm。地點﹕9600 Bellaire , Suite 113. (王朝商場旁)
  • 吳氏武術觀摩大會(免費)。3-5pm。僑教中心。713-780-4007
  • 玉佛寺"迎佛舍利安奉祈福大會".713-668-2881
  • 攝影展播放中國現代影像紀錄片。713-522-8592。地點﹕休士頓藝術博物館
  • 癌友關懷”認識醫療保險及醫療費用相關的省稅方法”。2-4pm。713-988-4727。地點﹕華人聖經教會。8:30am-4pm。
  • 美南作協“華族對美國貢獻”講座。2pm。僑教中心
  • 上海評語和彈詞協會主席王正浩示範演唱。2pm。中國人活動中心
  • 華嚴社“清明法會“。9am-5pm。281-498-1147。
  • 免費為中低收入家庭報稅。1-5pm。713-271-6100 轉112. 地點﹕文化中心。9800 Town Park
  • 老人協會辦理會員證。10am-noon。僑教中心。
  • 太極班。10-11﹕30am。文化中心。713-271-6100
  • 西南華人浸信柔道會, 2-4 pm , 地點: 12525 Sugar Ridge Blvd., 281-495-1511
  • 免費英語會話班, 10-11am ﹐地點﹕陽花園 Club House, 713-271-5600
  • 國際體育舞蹈中心舞會。8:30-12pm。9730 Town Park



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