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12/6/2007 Hong Kong - Coffee shops will double in number in Hong Kong over the next five years as office workers abandon green tea and jasmine tea for espressos and cappuccinos, a news report said Friday. The city of 6.9 million has already seen 500 coffee shops open in the past decade and the number will grow to 1,000 as the market continues to expand, an industry expert told the South China Morning Post.

Coffee consumption has grown by 50 per cent in the past four years alone and Stuart Bailey, organizer of a forthcoming Coffee Culture Trade Show, told the newspaper the market in Hong Kong was "only getting started."

Pacific Coffee, which already has 60 outlets in Hong Kong, plans to open 10 new coffee shops a year while US chain Starbucks is continuing to expand rapidly throughout the city.

Overseas competitors are moving in on the Hong Kong market as the coffee boom continues with Nespresso this week opening its biggest outlet in the region in Hong Kong in the city's Kowloon district.

Coffee shop chains initially expected most of their customers in Hong Kong to be expatriates or returning Chinese emigrants but 60 per cent have turned out to be locals, the newspaper said.

Analysts have ascribed the boom in Hong Kong to the trendy image of coffee shops among young people and to their use as a place for business people to hold informal meetings and to network.

A cup of coffee in a Hong Kong branch of Pacific Coffee or Starbucks currently costs around 25 Hong Kong dollars (3.2 US dollars) upwards. 

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