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8/14/2007--Everybody today is talking "all-natural". Everywhere you look you see ads and posters about eating, drinking and living more healthy...yet many fail in their efforts.

There is a reason for this you know.

Our bodies are getting filled with toxins every single second throughout our day. This is NOT by accident.

It's pollution. You heard all what global warming is doing to the ozone layer, but that's not the end of it. The pollution the industrial areas throughout the world is pumping out, is incredible.

There aren't nearly enough trees and plants to filter out all this filth.

..And guess what happens. We become the filters!
That's right, we suck up all the filth that the industrial areas pump out. Okay, maybe not all of the filth, but quite a bit.

Now how do you counter-act this?

Many people say...live healthy, eat healthy or exercise.
This is all true, but the only way to battle filth in the human body is to detox. To detox the body takes quite some time. You get various forms of detox products, such as detox pads, detox liquid, detox pills etc.

Drinking water and exercising also works, but not every single person has the ability to exercise or even the time.

There is however, another solution... thanks to the Chinese.
It's called Green tea.

Green tea origin is from China and is precisely the opposite of Black tea. Black tea is your normal everyday household tea.
Green tea is totally different. It differs in the sense that it has an active ingredient. This active ingredient, ladies and gentlemen is what makes this tea so amazing.

This active ingredient is called "epigallocatechin gallate" can battle obesity, stress, skin disorders, cancer, and in some cases even AIDS. The most powerful feature of this ingredient is it's ability to detox the body.

It's a incredible detox herb.

Ever since Green tea was unveiled to the public on the Oprah Winfrey show, it has got major attention from the media. This attention led to further studies and even more benefits of green tea was discovered.

It has been found that 3 - 6 cups of green tea per day can do amazing things for the human body.

Here is a list of benefits:

1. Increase metabolism. Lose weight!
2. Reduce blood pressure
3. Decrease stress levels
4. Increase mental awareness
5. Increase brain function
6. Increase body tissue recovery
7. Detoxify the body

And the list goes on and on and on...

As you can see, green tea really has amazing benefits. There are so much information on green tea that it's ridiculous.

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