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Harusame Salad Recipe


           1 Head lettuce
           2 Green Onions
           2 oz. saifun or maifun noodles
           2 tsb. sliced roasted almonds  
           2 tsb. white sesame seed           
           2 chicken breasts


           2 tsb sugar
           1 tsb salt
           1/2 tsb black pepper
           1/4 cup salad oil

           3 tsb rice vinegar

           3 drops sesame seed oil

Gather all salad ingredients and toss together - toss almonds and sesame seed over salad and serve.

Boil chicken in one cup of water, then tear into small pieces and place in frying pan, heating pan to allow moisture from chicken to evaporate. Season with salt and pepper while chicken is hot. Cool chicken and refrigerate until ready to mix with other salad ingredients.

Shred lettuce, chop green onions.

Deep fry noodles in new oil (oil temperature should be hot but not smoking).

Deep fry in small batches.

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