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The Hakka's are good at preserving vegetables. Combining preserved vegetables and meat to make main dishes is one of the unique features of Hakka food. This combination is appetizing, and the richness of the meat is balanced by the preserved vegetables. The Hakka are fond of these dishes for their abundant flavor. Thriftiness is the true virtue of the Hakka cuisine. Dried and pickled foods have an important position in the cuisine of the Hakka people as well. Flavors are relatively heavy, and this food features fried, spiced, well-done, salty, and fatty dishes.


This is "Hakka Radish Cake". It is harder than the Canton style radish cakes because the shredded radish, which is mixed in the cake, is raw instead of stir-fried. It is usually eaten with soy-bean sauce or orange sauce.




This is "Pork Large Intestines with Shredded Ginger". It is a very popular dish in Hakka culture. The dish contains almost no oil, so it is very suitable for modern busy meals.





This is "Preserved Vegetables and Pork Soup". This is a typical soup of Hakka.